New Generation Toto Cradle Launched


New Generation Toto Cradle Launched

We are proud to announce the arrival of Toto Cradle, an extension to our automated lateral turning system. The Toto Cradle addresses the issue of manual turning as part of a pressure area care plan.

The Toto Cradle Platform is the next generation of the Toto Lateral Turning System, which has been used in hospitals and healthcare settings since it launched in 2008. Toto is an automatic lateral turning system designed to assist with patient turning. With a powered control unit and a turning platform fitted beneath a patient’s mattress, Toto automatically turns patients at user-defined intervals, relieving pressure over their most vulnerable areas.

Toto Cradle Platform has been specifically designed with the cradle support system, which reduces the risk of patient migration across the support surface while providing lateral turning.

Craig Jones, UK Product Manager at Frontier Medical Group, comments: “Pressure area care and pressure sore prevention are our key drivers at Frontier Medical Group. We know that it costs the NHS £3.7m per day to treat the 700,000 people developing pressure ulcers each year and that prevention is a much better outcome than treatment and so we are proud to launch the next generation of Toto with the Toto Cradle Platform.

“Healthcare providers are required to turn patients frequently to reduce the risk of pressure ulcers but there are a range of challenges when turning manually including resourcing, risk to patients and staff as well as lack of dignity for the patient. Manual turning on a 24-hour cycle can interrupt sleep patterns and be generally disruptive for patients and carers.”

We recently showcased the product at the National Association of Equipment Providers (NAEP) conference and exhibition in Kenilworth where the feedback from healthcare professionals was overwhelmingly positive with many commenting that they could see the benefits of the product in both hospital and care home settings.

The Toto Cradle Platform differs from the original Toto Lateral Turning System by providing a dual tilt to enhance patient comfort and support, effectively cradling the patient while providing consistent, prescribed lateral turning intervals.

As well as being lightweight and easy to install, the Toto Cradle Platform is designed to be compatible with any bed frame in any position.

More information about the Toto Cradle Platform can be found at

Toto Cradle

Toto® Cradle – A unique, patented automated patient turning platform used for patient repositioning as part of a pressure area care programme.

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