Pressure Ulcer Prevention is Better Than Cure


This new year, we’re encouraging you to put your health and the health of your loved ones front and centre.

The start of a new year can be a marker in the sand and allow us to reset our priorities and take time to think about what matters the most.

One of the key ways that you can keep yourself healthy is to try and prevent illnesses and injuries. When problems develop and require treatment, the pain, discomfort, and recovery time can cause serious emotional and physical distress. By preventing injuries before they happen, you are one step ahead and can maintain your optimum health.

Prevention of injury is especially important when it comes to pressure area care. By the time pressure ulcers or bed sores occur, they can be painful, difficult to treat and can get progressively worse if you are unable to adequately relieve pressure to the effected area.

If either you or someone you are caring for is at risk of developing a pressure ulcer then using the most appropriate support surface or turning system at the outset will prevent pressure ulcers from developing in the first place.

So, who is at risk from pressure ulcers? According to the NHS there are some clear groups that fall into the high-risk category including over 70’s, people confined to a bed as a result of illness of post-surgery and people with paralysis. They also state that obesity is a risk factor, and medical conditions that make skin more fragile such as diabetes and conditions that make you less mobile such as MS and Parkinson’s.

If you or someone you care for falls into these risk factors, then consider our range of pressure area care or pressure relieving solutions to keep yourself safe and injury-free.

Our Repose range of pressure relieving cushions with our unique single cell, reactive air pressure redistribution technology come in a variety of options from full mattress topper, to seat cushions, Care-Sit for wheelchairs, Contur for riser recliner chairs as well as a range of footcare soluctions, including wedges and end of bed protectors to minimise damage to the soles of your feet.

For patients who are immobile and at the highest risk of developing ulcers, we offer Toto, an automated lateral turning system that can turn you to provide frequent repositioning at regular intervals.

Pressure ulcers can lead to a variety of complications which is why prevention is better than treatment. At their earliest stage, they can simply cause discomfort and swollen skin but if left to develop and if the skin breaks they can cause ulcers that develop into deep wounds which come with the inherent risk of infection.

Just as you would develop self-care techniques for your mental health, your diet and your overall wellbeing, you should also think about your specific needs when it comes to pressure ulcer prevention to give yourself the best chance of good health this year.


A range of reactive air pressure redistribution and reduction support surfaces

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