Repose Pumps: Reducing Waste By Going Blue


Frontier Medical Group, has made a major change in the production of one of its core products in order to make significant waste savings.

The Repose line of air-inflated cushions help prevent pressure ulcers for at-risk patients by helping to distribute weight evenly and relieve pressure on soft tissue. The cushions are inflated using a bespoke Repose Pump which has traditionally been made using a single blue outer plastic cylinder and a white inner layer since the product came to market in 2005.

In line with our continuous focus on sustainability and its environmental impact, the pump will now be produced in a single colour to achieve substantial savings.

We manufacture 250,000 Repose Pumps each year. By changing from a dual colour blue and white design to a single colour the company will make a total reduction of 4.7 tonnesof material per year. The change will also result in a 25% reduction in scrap material and a 10% increased efficiency in the production process.

“We take our commitment to sustainability very seriously at Frontier Medical Group and we are looking at all of our processes to establish where we can make waste and energy savings while still providing cutting-edge health enhancing products to a very high standard. Like many other healthcare companies and the NHS, who are the world’s first health service to commit to reaching carbon zero status, we understand that by minimising our environmental impact, we are helping to improve health and wellbeing for everyone.” – Matthew Bambery, Chief Operations Officer & leader of Frontier Medical Group’s Sustainability Agenda.

The single colour Repose Pumps are being rolled out from this month.

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