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Toto® automated lateral turning system, enables patient-prescribed lateral turning intervals, even when patients are sleeping. Toto offers consistent and controlled automated lateral patient turning intervals, supporting single-handed care, in a lightweight, easy to use and set-up format.


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2 Year Warranty

Suitable for patients AT RISK to VERY HIGH RISK

For the treatment of all categories of pressure ulcers.

Consistent and controlled automated lateral patient turning system

Patients who are immobile are at the highest risk of developing pressure ulcers. Frequent repositioning redistributes pressure and helps prevent pressure damage. The unique Toto turning system is designed to keep your patients moving by automatically turning them at regular intervals day and night.

Keeping patients moving is just one step of the seven-step care plan, aSSKINg (3).

Toto has been shown to effectively redistribute pressure away from ‘at risk’ areas but also increase patient and staff compliance. Automated turning ensures that patients are kept moving in busy healthcare environments, removing issues such as other priorities, missing ineffective reminders, being short of staff and monitoring patient positions.

Toto inflates evenly, smoothly, and consistently, fully supporting patients from head to toe and avoiding the risk of twisting. Even while patients are sleeping, Toto continues to deliver frequent repositioning.

Lightweight and rollable platform

The new Toto Platform is designed for compatibility with any bed frame in any profiled or ‘rise and recline’ position, allowing for universal installation of the product. Weighing less than 7kg, delivered fully assembled in a transport bag and ready for use, the new platform can be transported and installed by only one person with no specialist skills or training required.

Toto Touch Control Unit

The Toto Touch digital control unit provides customised care with a user-determined side selection feature and pre-set inflation and rest durations. A convenient therapy pause mode enables patient interaction without having to stop therapy and a service indicator to maintain performance also comes as standard.

Toto is available on a lease plan


  • Clinically effective shown to redistribute pressure away from ‘at risk’ areas but also increases patient and staff compliance.
  • Adaptive profiling platform designed for compatibility with any bed frame in any profiled or ‘rise and recline’ position.
  • Quick and easy installation Weighing less than 6kg and delivered fully assembled in a transport bag.
  • Promoting safety by removing the need for additional manual handling aids.
  • Gentle, consistent and controlled turning fully supporting patients from head to toe.
  • Ensuring compliance, ensuring patients are kept moving


  • Toto Platform Weight 6.7kg
  • Maximum user weight 250kg
  • Dimensions: L 1850mm W 745mm
  • Order Code: Toto Touch Control unit – 4000000 New Toto Platform 4100000
  • Toto User guide: Please see download tab for instructions
  • Suitable under any mattress except domestic pocket sprung
  • Confirms to any profile
  • Toto PG programmable turning
  • Automated turning cycle with user-controlled tilt and rest times
  • Very gentle lift to help with sleep disturbance
  • Whisper-quiet operation (65db)


  • 1 x Toto Touch control Unit
  • 1 x Control Unit power lead
  • 1 x User guide
  • 1 x Platform including a fitted cover
  • 1 x CPR deflation valve and tubing set
  • 1 x Pair of air cells with quick connectors
  • 1 x Platform Transport Bag


The Toto lateral turning system is suitable for the prevention of pressure ulcers for the following patients:

  • Identified as being at moderate to high risk of developing pressure ulcers
  • Weighing up to 250kg (551lbs)
  • Who are unable to change their position without assistance
  • Identified as requiring regular turning and who are non-compliant with manual turning schedules


  • Do not use with patients with unstable spinal cord injuries or who are undergoing traction
  • Do not use with patients with equilibrium disturbances


  • The use of bed rails should depend on the findings of an individual risk assessment. If the use of bed rails is deemed to be required, assess for the risk of entrapment. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Assess for risk of entrapment.


If you are chronically sick or disabled you may be eligible to claim back the VAT on your order.


Step 1: Place and complete your order.
Step 2: Download and complete the Eligibility Declaration Form.
Step 3: Send the completed form to Frontier Medical Group.
Step 4: If eligible we will refund the VAT to the card you used to process your Repose order.

To apply for VAT relief please complete your purchase and download the Eligibility Declaration Form. Please send the completed form to Frontier Medical Group. We will then process your application. If you are eligible for VAT relief we will refund the VAT to the card you used to process your order payment.

For further details please see our terms and conditions or visit the HMRC website.


All components of the system can be cleaned with detergent and water to remove any visible contamination and chemically disinfected with chlorine. The following represents guidance on the correct cleaning and decontamination process but does not replace local policy and guidelines.
Toto® Lateral Turning System Platform Cover

Keeping a cleaning record is recommended as the Toto® system is suitable for re-use.
Light and Heavy Soiling

Decontaminate with a 0.1% (1,000ppm) - 1% (10,000ppm) Chlorine solution.
Rinse with clean water and wipe down with a single-use, non-abrasive cloth and thoroughly dry.
Do not apply a 1% chlorine-based solution for more than two minutes, doing so may cause long-term damage.
Prolonged use of alcohol-based cleaning agents may reduce the life of the product.
If used, thoroughly rinse with clean water and allow to dry before use.
Platform Cover Machine Washing Instructions

Cleaning and disinfection may be achieved by laundering at temperatures not exceeding 65ºC for ten minutes or 73ºC for three minutes.

To avoid shrinkage, line dry in a clean indoor environment. Thoroughly dry before re-fitting to the Toto® platform.
Do not mangle or iron.
Platform, Cabling, Control Unit and Air Hoses

Before cleaning, disconnect from the mains power supply.
The platform, cabling, control unit and air hoses can be wiped clean with alcohol wipes and a chlorine derivative. Take care when wiping the control unit not to allow liquids to enter through any openings.

  • Toto Brochure

    Moving & Handling
  • Toto Quick Reference Guide

    Moving & Handling
    Training Material
  • Toto and Toto Cradle Instruction for Use

    Toto and Toto Cradle Instruction for Use
    Technical Data
  • Library of Evidence

    Repose Dermisplus Toto Ultracore
    Seating Foot Care Moving & Handling Surfaces
    Clinical Research
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