Dermisplus Prevent Now Available on NHS Supply Chain and FP10


We are thrilled to announce that our Dermisplus Prevent products are now available for prescription in both hospitals and within the community as we have secured a place on the NHS Supply Chain and FP10.

Craig Jones, UK Product Manager at Frontier Medical Group comments: “Dermisplus Prevent has been an incredibly successful new product range for us. As specialists in medical technology that focusses on pressure area care and prevention, we are thrilled that one of our key product ranges will now become available to patients nationwide who might not have otherwise been able to receive it.”

As well as being an effective pressure ulcer prevention aid, Dermisplus Prevent is flexible and easy to apply, making it beneficial for both patients and carers. Each Dermisplus Prevent dressing is washable and re-usable, latex-free and durable.

Craig continues: “Many of our products including the Repose range of pressure redistribution cushions, are available via NHS Supply Chain and FP10 and we are thrilled that Dermisplus Prevent will now be being prescribed to patients who are at risk of developing pressure ulcers.”

Find out more about Dermisplus Prevent here.


Dermisplus Prevent redistributes peak pressure over a wider surface area, reducing the risk of pressure related tissue damage.


Learn more about the risks of MDRPUs and how Dermisplus Prevent Tubes can help reduce the risk.

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