Enhancing Home Healthcare with Repose Mattress Overlay: A Solution for Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Treatment


Enhancing Home Healthcare with Repose Mattress Overlay: A Solution for Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Treatment

Community healthcare professionals face unique challenges in preventing and treating pressure ulcers. Time constraints, limited resources, and budget pressures can all impact patient outcomes. However, Repose Mattress Overlay emerges as a community solution that revolutionises pressure area care, offering an effective and cost-efficient approach to enhancing patient comfort and well-being.

Repose is a range of reactive air, pressure redistribution, and reduction support surfaces, all with high levels of immersion and envelopment. The innovative combination of unique materials and Smart Valve Technology in Repose has been clinically proven to deliver statistically significant patient benefits, making them a trusted choice for healthcare providers.

The Repose Mattress Overlay stands out as a versatile solution that can be retrofitted to a user's existing mattress, eliminating the need for specialised equipment and allowing patients to remain in their own bed with a partner for an extended period. This not only enhances patient comfort but also preserves the familiar environment of home, promoting a sense of normalcy and well-being.

Part of the Repose Surface Solutions range, the Repose Mattress Overlay transforms an existing surface into an effective pressure redistribution and reduction support system for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. It provides effective immersion and envelopment to maximise contact surface area, instant reaction to patient movement, in a discreet, and portable design, make it a versatile and practical solution for single and double beds in the community setting.

The Repose Mattress Overlay has a slim profile design for increased patient comfort, suitability for use as part of a comprehensive care package, and compatibility with a range of acute and community beds when secured in place with integrated retention straps. It is silent and unobtrusive, further enhancing patient compliance and dignity, making it an ideal choice for home healthcare scenarios where comfort, effectiveness, and patient concordance are paramount.

The Repose Mattress Overlay is an innovative pressure area care solution designed for use within community healthcare, offering a holistic solution for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers in the home care setting. By incorporating Repose Surface Solutions, healthcare providers can elevate the standard of care, improve patient outcomes, and empower individuals to maintain their independence and comfort while receiving essential pressure area care.

For more information on Repose and the Repose Mattress Overlay, please visit the following page: Repose Works.


A range of reactive air pressure redistribution and reduction support surfaces

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