Transforming recovery time with the Toto® Lateral Patient Turning System


Transforming recovery time with the Toto Lateral Turning System

Pressure sores and pressure ulcers can have a debilitating impact on a patient’s quality of life, often leaving them in pain and at risk of developing an infection. What’s more, managing a patient’s recovery from pressure sores can require large teams of nurses, doctors, physiotherapists and/or care workers - which adds immense pressure on the NHS. Turning, and changing position, particularly when led in bed for a long time, is essential in the care of patients with pressure ulcers.

Using a medical device to aid turning can revolutionise a patient’s recovery, and free up time for those looking after them.

We’re delighted to share the story of Gilmerton Physiotherapists in Edinburgh. The team were provided a Toto® Lateral Patient Turning System through Frontier Medical Group’s suppliers FastAid Medical & Mobility, and found the product to have a life-changing effect on their patient, Anne R.

Anne R. arrived at Gilmerton Physiotherapists after having had a fall. During her time in the hospital, Anne developed a pressure ulcer on her bottom, which soon became infected and left her suffering with osteomyelitis (infection of the bone).

Rada Prajapati, Physiotherapist, said: “The grade 4 pressure ulcer – causing infection in the bone – caused immense pain to Anne and hugely impacted her confidence. She didn’t want to be touched by medical teams, and she disliked using medical devices such as the hoist.

“After manually turning Anne for the first six months of her stay with us, which required three staff every two hours, the team sought advice from FastAid and we were recommended Frontier’s Toto® Lateral Patient Turning System. A FastAid Director kindly attended to demonstrate the Toto to all staff. By using this device, we saw clinical improvements of the pressure ulcer in a few weeks. 

“The device transformed Anne’s care, moving her from her right side to lying flat every hour. Although she had previously found lying on her right side uncomfortable during manual turns, with the Toto® Lateral Patient Turning System it became far easier. During the night, the team did not want to impact her sleep so used the Toto to keep her tilted so as not to lie on the pressure ulcer.

“After three months of consistent use with the Toto® Lateral Patient Turning System, Anne was completely transformed. The pressure ulcer was improving and the infection had gone, and after 6 months the ulcer had completely healed. Anne is no longer bed-bound and is now starting hydrotherapy. She’s also able to socialise and visit family and friends, making her recovery even more positive. All in all her recovery has been made far smoother with the Toto® Lateral Turning System, and it’s allowed her to speed up her rehabilitation process.”

Myrna Julio, Registered Nurse, said: “It’s been incredible to see Anne’s transformation following this intervention. It has improved her social engagement and quality of life, and she has regained her confidence and her independence.”

Anne said: “I used to have a constant sore and pain in my buttocks for years. I was getting really frustrated that I was not able to sit up and get out of bed due to my pressure sore. Now, my wound is healed after using the Toto® Lateral Patient Turning System.

“In a short period of time, the machine helped close my wound. I was so delighted when my physiotherapist showed me the pictures of the [healed] wound.”

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Toto® Cradle

A unique, patented automated patient turning platform used for patient repositioning as part of a pressure area care programme.

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