Reasons Why Sharpsafe is Your Number One Safe and Secure Sharps Containment Solution


Reasons Why Sharpsafe is Your Number One Safe and Secure Sharps Containment Solution

At Frontier Medical Group, we know how important it is for healthcare providers to choose safe and secure solutions to ensure the best outcomes for patients and value for the NHS. Meeting your requirements and continually working with you to drive improvement, is imperative.

Therefore, when you are considering switching from your current supplier, you want to ensure your new one doesn’t just offer numerous benefits but is also operationally consistent with the values of the NHS.

Our Sharpsafe portfolio offers a comprehensive range of sharps containment solutions designed to meet our customer’s needs. However, as a UK manufacturer, we are close to our customers who play an important part in our continuous improvement plans. This means innovation and development is driven by our customers – for our customers – in true partnership.

We think Sharpsafe is your number one, safe and secure choice for clinical waste containment and here are a few reasons why:


1. Guaranteed cash-releasing savings

Switching to Sharpsafe guarantees sustainable cash-releasing savings for your NHS Trust. We work with you to help you overcome financial obstacles, by regularly discussing new ideas and identifying cost-savings.

Frontier proposed an initial saving of 12% against the previous incumbent; analysing recent data, we have found a saving of 28% has been achieved.

Amy Cartwright, Clinical Procurement Specialist, Nottingham University Hospitals

2. Seamless transition

Our experienced and discrete implementation team ensures a seamless transition from your current supplier. Through extensive ward-level planning and thorough dialogue with all stakeholders, a bespoke implementation plan provides minimal disruption to NHS staff.

Ward staff reported how efficient and friendly the implementation team was. They were respectful of patients and the need for clinical responsibilities to take priority – doing everything within their power to make the transition as smooth as possible.”

Amy Cartwright, Clinical Procurement Specialist, Nottingham University Hospitals

3. Zero cost to change

As an NHS supplier and ethical partner, we offer a ‘zero cost of change’ to customers converting to our products. All training, accessories and installation is provided free of charge. Our Conversion team install all brackets and our highly trained Implementation team complete and track all training. Pre- and post-auditing provided throughout the partnership, supported by ongoing training makes the change a safe and secure choice for all users.

4. Reliable guaranteed supply

Frontier has been supplying the NHS for over 35 years. A proven track-record of delivering contracts of various scales and complexities, has secured Sharpsafe listings on both NHS Scotland and NHS Wales national contracts.

Our on-site, UK based, purpose-built manufacturing and storage facilities ensure continuous product supply. Our strong supply chain minimises the risk of supply disruptions. With a history of delivering 99% on-time deliveries in full, you always know you’re in safe hands.

5. Educational partner in supporting best practice

Frontier Medical Group believe that all users of sharps containers should be fully aware of the dangers of incorrect usage and how appropriate practice can mitigate these dangers. We work collaboratively to help you to improve frontline services. Our bespoke education programmes, routine site visits, auditing and expert training help you facilitate safe sharps management in your Trust.

“Frontier provided a seamless transition from our previous supplier, with a detailed plan and structured training programme to ensure a safe conversion. This ongoing plan ensures a continued proactive and positive customer-supplier relationship.”

Marcelle Tauber-Gilmore, Clinical Procurement Nurse, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

It’s these five pillars which form our partnership ethos that align Frontier Medical to the values of the NHS, and the partnership doesn’t just stop here. We’re continually working with our customers to drive innovation and developments – making Sharpsafe your number one choice for a safe and secure switch.

If what you’ve read has sparked your interest, we would welcome the opportunity for you to visit our head office, experience our manufacturing facility and discuss your Trust’s sharps containment needs.


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