Introducing Toto® Touch: Our automated lateral turning system


Introducing Toto® Touch: Our automated lateral turning system

If you attended EPUAP or Wounds UK, you might have already seen our new Toto Touch control unit for our automated lateral turning system – designed to support clinicians as part of a care package for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.

It’s been developed for acute and homecare patients, and offers a number of enhancements over the original Toto control unit:

  • It’s smaller, lighter and fully digital for precision repositioning intervals
  • A simple to use and intuitive user interface, with multiple operating mode settings to enable tailored packages of care
  • New safety features – five alarms and alerts help to ensure patient safety
  • Lower running costs and quieter operation – this model is 60% more energy efficient

How Toto works, is by tilting the patient from side to side by inflating air cells within the platform.  The equipment fits any bed and is designed so that it can be placed under any existing mattress (apart from pocket sprung).  It automatically turns patients at user defined intervals, supporting carers and offering a unique approach to individualised patient turning.

According to the NHS Stop The Pressure research, 700,000 people in the UK are affected by pressure ulcers each year and between 80 to 95% of these cases are preventable using the recommended SSKIN bundle approach, which entails: Surface: ensuring patients have the right support, Skin inspection: early inspection can detect and prevent injuries, Keeping patients moving, Incontinence and moisture and Nutrition and hydration.

Our existing Repose pressure area care products and the introduction of Toto Touch will help clinicians and care givers deliver this approach, with both clinically and cost-effective products.

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