Frontier Medical Group gets behind Stop Pressure Ulcer Day

16th November 2017

Frontier Medical Group gets behind
Stop Pressure Ulcer Day

On November 16th, healthcare professionals, the public and the media will come together for World Pressure Injury Prevention Day – an annual global event that aims to raise awareness of pressure ulcers and the techniques that can be used to prevent them.

Pressure ulcers affect thousands of people every year in the UK, making the date one of the most important in the EPUAP calendar, particularly as major organisations such as NHS Improvement, TVS and NPUAP are also taking part.

Mini Repose Footcare Solutions Training Kit

At Frontier Medical, we will also be playing our part, supporting local and national Stop Pressure Ulcer Day events around the country. There are a number of important pressure ulcer awareness campaigns that use dolls or other soft toys as mascots, including Sally Sore, Prevention Polly and Purple Patty, and we’ve been supplying them with Mini Repose® training kits, which includes small versions of our Repose Foot Care Solutions range to help support their pressure ulcer awareness training.

These TVN teams have been using their mascots to engage with clinical staff and increase pressure ulcer awareness within their Trust or organisation and with the help of our miniature kits, they’ll now be able to better educate their teams on best practice.

As Sharon Bostwick, Tissue Viability Nurse at Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust commented: “With the kit, I’ll now be able to demonstrate how to reposition patients to achieve a better understanding of offloading heals and prevent pressure ulcers.”

It is of course a small step, but from our experience of working with trusts and TVN teams, we’ve seen the impact pressure ulcers can have on all parties if not appropriately managed.

It’s one of the reasons why we have such a wide pressure ulcer prevention range, including the Repose range of pressure redistribution products and the Toto® Lateral Turning System. The range meets the diverse requirements of patients in both acute and community settings, providing effective pressure redistribution and offloading solutions.

You can find out more on the Repose section of our website, but if you too would like to get involved and help raise awareness of pressure ulcers and treatment, there are a number of ways you can join in, whether it’s through fundraising, education or online using the #StopPUDay2017 tag.

You can also make use of the wealth of online assets from supporting organisations to help us and the rest of the medical community to continue to prevent pressure ulcers on not just this day but every day.

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