Frontier Medical Group joins forces with Genie Care

12th September 2016

Frontier Medical Group joins
forces with Genie Care

Last week, we were delighted to announce our acquisition of pressure care products company Genie Care. In case you haven’t heard about Genie Care, ToTo could have a more familiar ring, as it’s one of Genie Care’s revolutionary products that helps clinicians and carers in the regular turning of patients. It’s unique in that it can be placed under any existing mattress and is designed to gently turn patients at regular intervals.

We live in a country where pressure ulcers affect 700,000 people each year, despite the fact that 80 to 95% of these cases are preventable using the recommended SSKIN bundle approach. Our very own Repose® and ToTo put together tackle two of the five SSKIN steps, as Repose pressure area care products are therapeutic surfaces with over 19 years of clinical evidence and ToTo has been proven to help with the regular turning of patients.

This exciting acquisition allows us to broaden our range of innovative solutions supporting clinicians around the world, helping them in their work to reduce the prevalence of pressure ulcers. We think that increasing our range of products will further allow us to improve the lives of individuals who are at risk in both the acute and community settings.

We’re looking forward to working with Genie Care and to see what else the future holds!

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