Parafricta Press & Customer Statement

25th August 2016

Parafricta Press & Customer Statement

Frontier Therapeutics Limited and APA Parafricta Limited today announced that their exclusive agreement for the distribution of Parafricta® low-friction garments in the UK is to end on September 30th 2016.

With effect from October 1st 2016 all purchase orders and enquiries (from hospitals, care homes, hospices, pharmaceutical wholesalers, pharmacists, community equipment suppliers, charities, and all NHS purchasers) should be directed to APA Parafricta Ltd using the following customer service contact details.

Maria Cuesta
APA Parafricta Ltd,
I-Lab Bedford, Stannard Way,
MK44 3RZ

Phone: 01234 834525

E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]


Hospitals and NHS purchasers may continue to purchase from the NHS Supply Chain catalogue.

Individual purchasers may also continue to purchase from the Parafricta online shop (or their local pharmacy should be able to obtain bootees and undergarments listed on the drug tariff).

Dr Nick Garner, CEO of APA Parafricta Ltd said “We have reached a mutual and amicable agreement with Frontier and going forward the needs of our customers and potential customers for Parafricta’s range of low-friction fabric products will be served directly by APA Parafricta Ltd.

We can assure all customers of continuity of supply after September 30th. We will also be announcing new developments in the Parafricta® medical products range in the UK and elsewhere in the coming months.

We look forward to meeting potential customers at the Care and Dementia Show in Birmingham from October 11th – 12th and at Wounds UK in Harrogate from November 14th – 16th at which we will be exhibiting the bedding and foot protection ranges.”

Simon Jackson, Managing Director of Frontier Medical Group said “We respect the decision of APA Parafricta Ltd to develop its own sales and marketing capabilities in the UK and therefore to end its exclusive distribution agreement with Frontier. We wish Parafricta every success with the business going forward.”



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