Meet Ultracore®: our brand new hybrid mattress

21st July 2016

Meet Ultracore®: our brand new hybrid mattress that pushes the pressure area care boundaries

Last week, we expanded further into the Repose pressure care range with the launch of our new Ultracore hybrid mattress.

Pressure ulcers are a widely unacknowledged issue that keep reappearing in healthcare. With 700,000 people being affected by pressure ulcers each year it is clear that they pose a problem that needs to be fixed. On average 186,617 patients develop pressure ulcers in UK hospitals each year, this increases the costs of their care by over £4000 for each patient. The most frustrating point from the research? That 80-95% of these injuries are preventable.

Our new Ultracore hybrid mattress is hopefully a step towards resolving the issue. Having worked with clinics from the NHS for over 20 years to develop the Repose pressure care range, Frontier is leading the campaign to stop unnecessary pressure sores and already has over 3.5 million customers across the UK.


Our very own Simon Jackson, Managing Director at Frontier Medical Group said: “Ultracore® is a fantastic addition to our Repose® range, and we’re delighted to be able to offer a product which is both supportive of the clinical and financial requirements of healthcare professionals and crucially, comfortable for the end-user.”

The new Ultracore mattress is supplied with an Xtreme HF welded cover of the highest quality that surpasses all UK and international standards for the product and provides an excellent value for money option with an increased resilience that will help tackle the problem of pressure sores.

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