Going beyond Pressure Ulcer Prevention: New Frontiers for Frontier Medical Group

With more than 30 years of experience working with healthcare professionals in the UK and around the globe, Frontier Medical Group has seen the impact pressure ulcers can have on patients, healthcare professionals and care providers.

Building on this knowledge and heritage, combined with an ethos of continuous improvement, Frontier Medical Group expands it’s offering in the therapy area of Skin and Wound Care with a developed pipeline of products to support the care and treatment of wounds.

Frontier Medical Group aims to provide a real one-stop solution for Skin and Wound Care and begins this next part of its journey at Wounds UK 2018 where Dermisplus Contact will be launched.


Dermisplus Contact

Silicone Wound Contact Layer

Dermisplus Contact is an atraumatic silicone wound contact layer designed to minimise wound bed trauma and pain associated with the removal of secondary dressings.

• Unique release liner allowing for easy packaging removal and dressing application

• Open mesh allows fluid to easily transfer to secondary absorbent dressing, reducing risk of maceration

• Compatible for use with NPWT, antimicrobial dressings and compression therapy

• Highly conformable, flexible and pliable

• Preferential adhesion for easy application and secondary dressing changes

• Transparent for wound inspection


Repose® Flex

Designed to reduce the risk of DVT1

Utilising immersion and envelopment, Repose Flex is designed to place the knee in slight flexion (5° to 10°) and allow complete heel offloading while effectively re-distributing the weight of the patient’s leg across its surface2.

By placing the knee in slight flexion, the risk of Popliteal Vein Compression at the rear of the knee is reduced1.

Popliteal Vein Compression is a significant source of Deep Vein Thrombosis for patients undergoing surgery or prolonged bed rest3.


Toto automated lateral turning system

Patients who are immobile are at the highest risk of developing pressure ulcers. Frequent repositioning redistributes pressure and helps prevent pressure damage.

The unique Toto turning system is designed to keep your patients moving by automatically turning your patients at regular intervals day and night.

Keeping patients moving is just one step of the ten-step care plan, aSSKINg 4.

The new Toto Platform is designed for compatibility with any bed frame in any profiled or ‘rise and recline’ position, allowing for universal installation of the product.


To learn more about Dermisplus Contact, Repose Flex or Toto, please contact us using the button below or call us on +44 (0)1495 235800 quoting New Frontiers.

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