eLearning is an innovative online training portal offering bespoke training on aspects of needle exchange harm reduction, pressure area care and sharps safety.

Our eLearning portal provides information and training resources to all users through a secure login area. eLearning bespoke training packages can be designed in partnership with customers and unique training requirements can also be identified during the Sharpsafe iAudit process.

Accessible from both desktop and mobile devices the eLearning portal is accessible 24/7, allowing instant access to relevant training and support material.

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Online Access

Delivering training across both large and small organisations can sometimes prove difficult. With the eLearning portal, individuals are not restricted by a time or date, as they have 24/7 online access.

Whether in the workplace or at home, the platform is accessible online from your computer, tablet or smart phone.


Our ‘Standard Training Modules’ are a comprehensive library of training material covering everything from needle exchange harm reduction, pressure area care and sharps safety.

These are a great place to start the process of putting together a package that will meet your needs.

Working alongside our Online Team you can set up tailored eLearning packages delivering training, testing and resources across your organisation.

Modules can be based on your current training techniques or adapted from our ‘standard modules’.



The eLearning platform also has a comprehensive resource area to support the training material. The resource section contains training posters, product instructions, product data sheets and training videos.



Each training module can be linked to a relevant test module. Administrators can devise tests which users must complete after each training module.

Questions and pass rates can be set by the administrators.


If we have developed a tailored eLearning package for your organisations, eLearning can report on user activity across the platform. This provides valuable insight into user activity, monitoring usage and test results.

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