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Frontier Plastics Limited was originally founded in 1966 and spent the early years of its existence as a plastic trade moulding facility making a wide variety of items from homecare products to components for slot machines.

In 1979 the company recognized the need for a purpose designed container for the safe disposal of clinical sharps and developed the original Sharpsafe® container which was first marketed in 1980.

Repose® represents a rare partnership between the National Health Service, Academia and Industry. The concept was developed by Occupational Therapists within the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff and quickly became established as a mainstay of the Hospital’s pressure relief programme. Recognising the commercial potential, a commercial partner was found to manufacture and market Repose®, and thus Frontier Therapeutics Ltd was formed.

Frontier Exchange products are a response to the growing need for needle exchange and harm reduction packs, and are manufactured to the same high standards as the other products in the Sharpsafe® range.